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Matthew Zorpas & L.A.

The most classic, high-end Made in Italy tailoring gets a cool, fresh makeover in Dsquared2’s Spring Summer 2015 Classic Collection. Sharp-cut suits crafted from luxurious fabrics are worked in a color palette spanning from deep and elegant classic tones of black and blue to delicate sorbet colors. Even if  the overall look is polished and sophisticated, everything is infused with a modern, cool attitude, perfectly exalted by Matthew Zorpas in these impressive pictures. Here, the fashion influencer also discusses his style and unveils some of the secrets behind his impeccable look.

How do you define your style by occasion?

My style has evolved over the last five years. Honestly, it has never been defined by occasions. At the past, I wore a double-breasted suit at a barbecue and a three piece suit at the beach once. I believe getting older the more experienced but also more daring we become. Eventually within this journey I found my own distinctive style and this has become a signature without any planning or thinking in advance. Today, you will find me in a double-breasted navy/black suit, buttoned-up white shirt and a colourful pop tie in every occasion. Classic, dapper… yet functional with a twist.

What are the must have pieces in the wardrobe of a gentleman?

A crisp white shirt can make a cloudy day sunny. It will look clean and sophisticated and a fashion staple in any season. A pair of brown and black classic english brogues to pair every classic look you own. And of course a bow tie and a few silk ties to match with your multiple suits.

Key accessories to complete a classic look?

A pair of gold hand crafted cufflinks, a tie pin, tie or a bow tie and a pair of pure silk socks!

Your thoughts on Dsquared2 classic collection?

Dsquared2 classic collection is the perfect fit for every young gent out there looking to dress up, stand taller and look sharp. Dsquared2 classic values quality and perfection.

Could you please tell us about your success story as a digital influencer?

I believe everything started in 2011 when I was recognised the 2nd best dressed man in Britain by Esquire UK. A year after I had the confidence to launch my own platform – TheGentlemanBlogger.com, dedicated to mens lifestyle. The rest happened with ambition and hard work and of course love and support from my followers. This summer, the platform will celebrate three years and I hope it still inspires viewers to visit places that they haven’t been before, to taste something different or wear something that they never had the courage to wear. I continue to have the same motivation today as in my first post to dress up, scout for a location and create an extraordinary story. I’m flattered to be able to influence people on how they dress, on where to eat, drink or how they behave. Hopefully all for a better world and better dressed men!

Favorite fashion quote?

“Fashion is such a magical part of our lives, for it inspires our decisions without dictating them; it sets the theme but not the limits of our aesthetic” Simon Van Booy