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Ceresio7 Pools&Restaurant

RESTAURANT On the top of the historical Enel building’s amazing terrace, house of the Dsquared2 group, Ceresio 7 Restaurant rises. Dean and Dan Caten have been heavily involved with Storage studio for the architectural development and the layout, while for the interior design as well as décor-based accompaniments the designers have been working in synergy with Dimore Studio. The spacious dining room facing the modern skyline of the brand new Financial DIstrict, features two swimming pools and a terrace with a magnificent view that allows the guests to enjoy the creations of Chef Elio Sironi surrounded by lush vegetation. The restauranti s managed by the “Host” Edoardo Grassi, Luca Pardini and Marco Civitelli.   POOLS A pleasant and unexpected surprise for a historical building rooftop. Two wonderful swimming pools with a 360° view on the urban skyline. A private place for a relax daytime in a milanese resort experience escape. An amazing liquid scenography for a drink on the terrace and for the many events and parties hosted at Ceresio7. From June 1st it is possible to book the cabanas on the terrace to enjoy the first rays of sun in Milan, taking a dip in the pool or sipping a cocktail with friends.   KITCHEN The kitchen is managed by Executive Chef Elio Sironi and is founded on consolidated bases throughout years: simplicity, genuineness and respect of the client. The distinctive signature of the Chef is the “exacting simplicity” through the rediscovering of Italian cuisine great classics, re-elaborated to value real flavours and consistency in dishes. The unlimited quality of the ingredients and the use of the traditional cooking technique are basics for our kitchen. The wood oven becomes and the charcoal grill are the fundamental vehicle to give food the distinctive and antique taste.   BAR Ceresio 7 is a place open all day long, from the morning with the pools and the Lunch on the open air terrace till the sunset with the typical Aperitivo at the American Bar, and after dinner cocktails. A warm and elegant atmosphere will accompany you in enjoying a wide and prestigious collection of spirits and a great selection of drinks, prepared by our talented Bartenders according to the best American old time classics recipes, with a strongly Italian twist and identity. The Bar features two lounges, whereof a smoking room, and poolside tables and cabanas. The international classic drinks and the "italian twist" - home made bitters and herb infusion and old time classics.