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Dsquared2 reopens its first global brand flagship location in Milan in time for women’s fashion week. Continuing a long-standing partnership, the store’s concept is a collaborative project between Dean and Dan Caten owners and creative directors of Dsquared2 and the Italian architectural firm storageassociati. The boutique, located at Via Verri 4, is spread out over 450 square meters and provides a fine aesthetic balance of Italian heritage and contemporary design. The boutique is very personal, and the feeling of hospitality is felt throughout. The entrance is configured as a large hall of a building where the inspiration is completely Milanese; from the historical architecture to the choice of materials used with a contemporary reinterpretation provided with shapes and geometries that blend together harmoniously. The areas of the space are defined in terms of colors and fabrics, each room is unique and completely cut out in different moods where marbles, green tiles, carpets, cements and raw materials coexist with the same feeling of “intimacy”. The space is cozy while remaining open and inviting; lacquered wood and brass are contrasted with rough stones and unfinished plaster, passing from intense burgundy to powder pink into a dove gray, ending in the last room for denim and casual collections where glass and steel are placed juxtaposed to rubber and velvet. In addition to the colors and wall surfaces, a puzzle of varying levels identifies each space; “terrazzo” marble floors with colored joints blend with cement and two-tone carpeting creating alternations between soft and coarse areas of the boutique. All the furniture and fixtures of the boutique have been custom-made, from seats to lamps, each individually designed; from marble tables to furniture that recall an aesthetic of the past but reinterpreted through proportions and materials in a contemporary way. A glimpse into the interior from the outside can be had through the main entrance which is constructed by a very large iron-colored octane double doors with eight large brass portholes. The distinguished materials and chromatic aspect create a light space that emphasizes the versatility of the brand that is always coherent and at the same time highly creative. About Dsquared2 Individual, daring and creative, Dsquared2’s approach to fashion is a distinct mix of Canadian iconographic heritage, modern Italian tailoring and playful expression. Founded by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten in 1995, the brand’s collections are a seamless melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, and masculine and feminine. “Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy.” About Storage Associati storageassociati is an architecture and design firm founded in Milan in 2002 by Barbara Ghidoni, Marco Donati and Michele Pasini. The concept behind storageassociati is to operate in various areas of design from the construction of architectural ideas to installations. Storage collaborates with many international brands and private clients in various project, designing retail shops, showrooms, offices, fashion shows stages, set design, private houses, and residential building. Dsquared2 Boutique Via Verri 4 2012 Milano