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The guy, leading the crowd. Loud and proud in all aspects of his looks. The D2 Mosh-Pit Conductor is the alpha male with a distinct point of view when choosing his fashion accessories. The Conductor’s accessories are the extension of his creativity. Tie-Dye imprinted woven silk foulards and heavy cross studded earrings, make all the difference. That extra edge is created with statements of visible ski boxer shorts made from technical nylon and stand-out belts with chunky hardware. The mix and match of patterns, colors and materials are the definition of Rock’n’Roll.

Models wearing Dsquared2 mosh-pit conqueror style



The guy everyone aspires to be. Confident, successful and always cool. The D2 Office Stunner amps up his classic suits with a good amount of style competence and a heavy side of classic yet striking accessories. Woven silk ties featuring intricate prints and patterns, perfectly topped off with a classic tie pin, enhancing the mood of sophistication. Lace-up shoes with innovative thicker soles, reimagining the street trend for the office hours.  Giving a look that extra bit of personality, the D2 Office Stunner is a master at incorporating the accessory rotation – just like only a true boss could.

Model wearing Dsquared2 office stunner conqueror style



The guy finding the perfect way to bring an outdoor look into a city lifestyle. The D2 Outback Conqueror is active, laid back and always prepared. The matching accessories are an essential to complete his look. Mountain themed baseball caps or hiking-inspired boots with the recognizable thick soles are key pieces. To add an extra touch of coolness and statement – tech fluo accessories in the shape of belts or bracelets are the undisputed go-to’s. Just like the ultimate evergreen – the D2 Eyewear.

Model wearing dsquared2 OUTBACK CONQUEROR style



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Emballage Dsquared2 personnalisé
Emballage Dsquared2 personnalisé


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Dean et Dan Caten - D2
Dean et Dan Caten - D2